Pemberley Image Gallery:

The Crypt

Image © H.Talbot

No drawings of mine here, but some links to screen captures of The Crypt board. The board was made by Amy (probably in early 1997) especially for The Mysterious H.C. who was sometimes given to somewhat cryptic and enigmatic postings. The door to the crypt was via the tiny blue 'C' icon on the quick index page. Over the years the Crypt became a loved home for a small group of intuitives. Once, a secret by-invitation only group read of the gothic novel, The Monk, was held in the crypt for Halloween. The screeen captures are from May 2002, just before the Crypt was closed.

I always liked the posting field.
These are of the index page: index page 1; index page 2.
The messages looked like this.

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