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Pride & Prejudice: Diving Darcy

Images © H.Talbot & A. Bellinger

This animation of Darcy diving into the pond was made in late 1997. The base graphic for the animation was the pond header graphic for the Pride and Prejudice board at Pemberley, and I made about 30 individual frames, which Amy then put into an animation program for me. At first, Amy would 'release' the next few frames as they became available by slipping them into the header unannounced. It was always fun when people noticed and anticipated what would be next.

Amy introduced the idea of including a tiny picture of each board header in each post on the discussion boards. The tiny one above was the P&P one. (Use shift + refresh if you missed it!)

During 1998 I made a further 20 or so frames in order to get Darcy out of the pond. Here is the small version of the complete animation that Amy prepared, which used to be on the P&P links page:

I also formatted the 50 frames in the sequence so that they could be printed in a block, and cut and assembled into a flip book animation. When I get time I will include that here as a free download.

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