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Early Darcy Drawings

Images © H.Talbot

These two pictures were my first attempts at drawing with some degree of finesse in the digital medium. They were done in the Windows 3 Paint program as bmp files.

The Look (9.12.96)

This was posted by Amy on 9th Dec 1996 at the Austen Conference at Spring (where Pemberley resided temporarily for a few months, late November '96 through late March '97), in a topic she called 'The gallery upstairs'. Amy was referring to the Darcys’ housekeeper’s line in P&P where Mrs Reynolds had finished showing some miniature portraits and was about to direct Lizzy and her aunt and uncle to the larger family portraits upstairs.

In the Buttercups (26.1.97)

I'm not sure if this was ever posted in public. It may just have been sent to some friends by email.

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