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Emma: Strawberry

Images © H.Talbot

For the header graphic for the Emma discussion board I chose a strawberry because of the references to strawberries in the lead up to the Box Hill picnic, a pivotal point in the novel. It was also a referrence to some frivollous fan fiction that had been written about an interlude with Mr Knightley in the Donwell Abbey strawberry beds, and Amy's liking for strawberries.

Emma board header (4.11.97)

Three flowers, used on the site map

Originally I wanted to use the idea of the games with alphabetical letters that Frank Churchill and Emma teasingly play, but for design reasons prefered the strawberry. However, Kali Pappas, who was a charter poster at Pemberley, and the host and co-host of the Emma board until mid 2003, used a similar idea very successfully at her Emma Adaptations Pages (housed at Pemberley 1997 - 2003) until its redesign in 2003.

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