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Early Island Icons: Dragon and Wizard

Images © H.Talbot

The dragon and wizard were the first icons I drew for the map, the dragon first. Again it was partly a fall-back to a familiar and liked decorative symbol - "Here be dragons!" - with connotations of future directions where opportunity overlapped with danger. But also, for personal reasons, I wanted a dragon on the map to represent an adventurousness and wisdom that I associated with Amy and her site. I'm not sure if it was always a link to 'Some failed late 18th- and early 19th-century pick-up lines from Jane Austen' on Henry's site, but I'd say it was a good bet.

Dragon (30.3.97).

Amy had sometimes characterised Henry as a wizard, for his immense knowledge and general mysteriousness, so I borrowed her idea to make the icon that would link to his Jane Austen Information Page. Henry's page pre-dated Amy's P&P2 bulletin board, and it wasn't later in 1997 that he moved it to be housed on Pemberley's server.

Grey Wizard (30.3.97) (not used)

Wizard (30.3.97)

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