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Early Island Icons: Virtual Views and Chat Room

The activity of members of the Pemberley community viewing the same movie at the same time, and then discussing it on the boards at Pemberley, started very early, just a few months after the site started. When a board was opened specially for such discussions, it was called Virtual Views. The Virtual View header image was quirky, implying island castaways all over the world zeroing their telescopes in on a single TV.

Virtual Views (11.9.97)

The coffee cup that I drew as an icon for the Chat Room was also done at the same time as these early island icons, though it didn't fit in with the theme in any particular way. When Amy's original single discussion board for P&P2 got so busy in late 1996, that the software started breaking, one of the participants, Kathleen Grant (Kaf), set up a chat room for us to use until the problems could be sorted out. For most of us it was a heady experience: our first time in real-time chat, and the first opportunity to 'meet' people whom we had grown so fond of on the board. For the next few years it was a really busy and enjoyable place to hang out for many of us.

Coffee cup for the Chat Room (14.4.97)

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