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Life and Times: Regency Broad

Images © H.Talbot

Regency Broad (19.9.97)

My first plan for the Life and Times board had been this close-up picture of a bodice and necklace typical of those in the Regency, based on Lizzy in P&P2. (In fact, I liked the idea of it taking up the whole of the top of the discussion board, if you can imagine the image below as occupying the whole screen; though I knew it wouldn't fit with the standard look we were then trying to achieve across the boards.) I thought the image was lovely and fun, but others felt it verged on bad taste. Consequently, the 'Regency Broad' was only used at the foot of the board for a while, and the demure Accomplishments graphic was undertaken and used instead.

Draft page layout idea (16.11.97)

On the next page are images that were made for the Life and Times board for Christmas.

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