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Nasturtium leaves are very cool to mess around with. Pick a large nasturtium leaf, and try to catch some water in it. Something about the surface of the leaf resists the liquid completely, so that the water forms into beautiful round silvery drops that race around and off the leaf before you know it. They […]

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This easy and fun way of preparing mangoes is sometimes called making mango porcupines. First you use a sharp knife to fillet each side of the mango, cutting off the ‘cheek’, and getting as close to the mango pip as you can. Then on each cheek make cuts in the mango about 2cm (1/2 in) […]

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How to slice a banana inside its skin

A banana trick seems to be an appropriate way to start off this blog… This is a way to amaze the whole room by giving someone a banana that it has already been sliced inside! You will need a banana that is ripe enough to already have some black spots on it, so that the […]

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