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Early Island Icons: Help! and Logo

Much of the site business and administration in the early days of Pemberley was conducted on an public board. In time this became the Help! board, where, instead, questions could be asked about the site and community. Committee business moved to a private board. The message-in-a-bottle icon for the Help! board was another with the castaway island theme.

Help! (26.4.97)

The following image is the original blank version of the Pemberley logo. It was inspired by the convention of seals and fancy title inscriptions on old maps, and, in particular, one in the pirate picture book 'Captain Pugwash' by John Ryan. The logo itself, with Amy's addition of the title, 'The Republic of Pemberley', and some other versions of the logo, some playful, are elsewhere in this image gallery.

Blank version of logo (29.4.97)

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