Upside down! Upside down!


I get a lot of interest in my photos of Mr. Squiggle and friends, so I thought people might like to see the squiggle that Mr. Squiggle (aka Norman Hetherington) drew for me personally at the Puppet Summit in Melbourne in 2002. I guess over the years he has drawn them for many people!

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  1. Hi

    Do you know how I can find Mr Sqiggle on video for my 4 year old daughter – The originals not the cartoon style??

  2. Hi, no I’m sorry I don’t . I assumed that the ABC shop would have a DVD, but it seems not, which is surprising. There are probably some videos on YouTube, though.

  3. Oh how lucky! Disappointing for me, because I was at the summit, but never got to meet him. Did he actually draw it upside down? :)

  4. Yes, it is upside down in my book. I can’t remember if I asked him to do that, or whether he just did it that way.

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