Australian puppetry links

Links and brief notes about the puppetry community in Australia.

This is an idiosyncratic list, and I’m just compiling it as I get time, noting some I need to get back to. The info in brackets is where the people or companies are based, and roughly when companies started. Some companies tend to use puppetry when it suits, rather than being wholly focused on puppetry. In the sidebar I’m experimenting with tracking Australian puppetry news on Twittter.  Do let me know if I’ve got things wrong or if you are listed but don’t want to be.

  • Australasian Drama Studies Vol 51, Oct 2007 Edited by Geoffrey Milne. Issue dedicated to puppetry in Australia, see contents and ordering back copies.
  • ArtPlay (2004, Melbourne) Australia’s only creative arts centre for children up to the age of 13 and their families. ArtPlay follows in the tradition of the Ark in Dublin Ireland, and is owned and operated by the City of Melbourne, and located at Birrarung Marr, behind Federation Square. ArtPlay fosters puppetry through PuppetLab and other ventures, and offers grants to artists working in varying artforms to become involved.
  • Anna Parry (Melbourne) Shadow puppet maker. Working with Stories from the Ground and Splitpin Limbs.
  • AboutFace Productions. (Melbourne) Tim Denton and Annie Forbes
  • Adam Elliot (Melbourne) Stop motion animator best known for his Academy Award winning short Harvie Krumpet and his feature film Mary & Max.
  • Al Martinez Studios (2001 – 2010, Melbourne) Maker extraordinaire Al Martinez and friends. Al headed up the making of the 2000 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as those for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
  • Aphids (1994, Melbourne) Artist-led, project-driven and not-for-profit, Aphids undertakes cross-artform projects usually involving contemporary music, international cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations.
  • Anita Sinclair (Victoria) Anita’s book The Puppetry Handbook is a useful basic resource for makers and teachers.
  • Arena Theatre Company (1966, Melbourne) Artistic director Chris Kohn. Creating inspiring live performances that have a genuine dialogue with young audiences.
  • Asphyxia (Melbourne) independent puppeteer and maker known especially for her marionette show The Grimstones.
  • Alex Axelrad (Victoria) Retired puppet designer and maker, and puppeteer. (Lamont Puppets). Maker of Ossie (Ozzie?) Ostrich.
  • Balderdash Puppets (Brisbane)
  • Bananas in Pyjamas One of the most popular and enduring children’s TV programs with pre-schoolers in Australia. Made by the ABC, exported to 70 or more countries.
  • Barking Gecko Theatre Company (1991, Perth)
  • Barking Spider Theatre (2006, Melbourne) An independent original visual theatre company, Barking Spider aims to challenge and enrich audiences of all ages through a combination of visual and performing art forms, such as puppetry, music and live performance. They draw in numerous freelance artists.
  • Beverley Campbell-Jackson. Puppet designer and maker, one of the founders of Spare Parts. Designed and knitted the puppets for the 1980’s ABC TV series Blinky Bill.
  • Big West Festival (1997, Melbourne) Cutting edge multiform art festival held biennially for 10 days in November.
  • Black Hole Theatre (1993, Melbourne) Black Hole is committed to cutting edge visual, object and puppet theatre. The company aims to engage, extend and disrupt imagination, and it’s adult productions are bold, often comic, dark, and always surprising. Rod Primrose, Nancy Black
  • Book Nook (Toowoomba, QL) Specialist performing arts bookshop run by Mary and Joe Sutherland. Mary worked with Handspan, and was a prolific puppet maker in the 90’s.
  • Born in a Taxi (1989, Melbourne) Original work for art festivals, street theatre festivals, performance seasons, organisations and corporate events.
  • Bottled Theatre (2008, Brisbane) Contemporary puppetry, theatre, and performance making.  @FB.
  • Boy Reporter (Sydney) Animation company creating unique and irreverent stories and characters, specializing in stop-motion. Founded by producer/animator Mick Elliott.
  • Bryan Woltjen (WA) Multi art-form designer and theatrical consultant.
  • Bryony Anderson (NSW) Puppet designer and maker
  • Camp Quality Puppets Using puppets to help and teach children to become more aware of the need to be caring and supportive of children who have cancer.
  • Carouselle Theatre Company (1985 – 1997, Adelaide) SA’s major puppetry company at the time. Polish founders; Wojciech Pisarek director.
  • Carrousel Theatre (1994, Melbourne) Encouraging the study of French, Italian and German language through puppetry
  • Catherine Roach (NSW/ACT) Puppet director and puppeteer.
  • Cecile Williams (WA) Visual artist, including theatre, costume and puppet design and making
  • Chantale Delrue (Tasmania) Artist and maker. Makes giant puppets for performance and festivals.
  • Company Gongoma (Melbourne) West African music, puppets and dance. Shadow puppets. Artistic director Jenny Ellis
  • Community Rites (Qld – Noosa region) Multi-media art events, installations and performances synthesised through interaction between artists and the communities. Leisa Gillham, Tamara Kirby and Ali Bates.
  • Corporate Creatures (2009, Sydney) Gary Friedman takes puppetry into the corporate world, using muppets for  innovative communication, entertainment and marketing in business.
  • Creature Technology Company (2005?, Melbourne) Large animatronic workshop making puppetry on a massive scale: cutting edge animatronics, new standards of realism and fluid movement, huge arena spectaculars. Known for Walking with Dinosaurs Live! Sonny Tilders, Philip Millar
  • Dave Jones (Natimuk, Victoria) Puppetmaker, puppeteer, sculptor, animator.
  • David Morgan (NSW) Puppet maker and puppeteer
  • Dead Puppet Society (Brisbane) Australian gothic theatre. Their productions incorporate puppetry, shadow work and live performance to create immersive worlds where the mythic sits alongside the macabre. @FB
  • Dream Puppets (Melbourne) Puppet theatre company presenting brilliantly visual productions to audiences of all ages. Dream Puppets is know for their whimsical Dreamer Trilogy and black light theatre. Richard Hart and Julia Davis.
  • Doogles (Illawarra region, NSW)
  • Ella Misso (Melbourne) Maker, costumer
  • Enemies of Reality (Canberra) Film and video production company, specialising in music videos, short films and animation. Presently working on the stop motion production Tegan the Vegan. Marissa Martin.
  • erth Visual and Physical (1990’s, Sydney) Produces original live theatre and eye popping visual experiences including giant puppetry, stilt-walkers, inflatable environments, aerial and flying creatures; festivals, communities and cultural institutions like museums. Scott Wright, Steve Howarth, Sharon Kerr.
  • Festive Factory (Woodend, Victoria) Specializes in roaming entertainment acts, family shows, and workshops.
  • Finegan Kruckemeyer (Tas) Playwright, works with Slingsby Theatre Company; wrote The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy.
  • Fleur Elise Noble (Adelaide?) Director/creator of visual-based theatre experiences which include drawing, animation, puppetry. @YouTube
  • Foley Bergere (1995, Fremantle, WA) Joanne Foley
  • Footlice Theatre Company (1986, Newcastle) David Harrison.  @FB
  • Gary Friedman (Melbourne) Puppeteer, performer, director and producer for live theatre, educational theatre and television. Gary trained with Jim Henson and runs regular workshops in puppetry for TV and film which include learning how to make and puppeteer muppet-style puppets. His other projects include Corporate Creatures,  a documentary feature film called Looking for a Monster, (based on an original puppet play written by a young boy in a concentration camp in 1943), and his blog.
  • Gabrielle Griffin (Adelaide) Puppeteer
  • Gilly McInnes (Melbourne) Writer, director, performer and dramaturge
  • Graeme Davis Puppet designer and maker. Does the wonderfully ghastly Mr Texta spoof of Mr Squiggle.
  • Grandan Puppets
  • Greg McKee’s Wildthings Animatronics (including pics of inside of the sheep from Babe)
  • Greg Methe (Tasmania) Designer and maker
  • Handspan Theatre (1977 – 2002, Melbourne)  Australia’s most influential and widely regarded puppet company during its time. Founded by Ken Evans, Andrew Hansen, Helen Rickards, Maeve Vella, Peter J. Wilson and Christine Woodcock.
  • Heath McIvor Puppeteer and performer.
  • Hilary Talbot (ACT) Maker; me.
  • Imogen Keen (Canberra) Designer, puppet and costume maker
  • Ingrid Maganov (NSW) Puppet designer,  maker, puppeteer/actor (?)
  • Jarrod Boutcher (Qld) Puppet maker, muppet style.
  • Jennifer Pfeiffer (Melbourne) Freelance dramaturge and writer with interests in cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural  puppetry work.
  • Jessica Wilson Freelance puppetry director; conceives, produces and directs theatre events including large-scale spectacle, community cultural development projects, and in-theatre works.
  • Jiri Zmitko (WA) Designer and puppet maker with Spare Parts. Expert maker of carved wooden puppets.
  • John Cox Creature Workshop (Brisbane) Internationally acclaimed leader in the design and manufacture of fantasy creatures, monsters and realistic animals. John received the 1995 Academy Award for Visual Effects for the movie Babe.  His student information tips pdf is worth reading.
  • Jonathon Oxlade (Brisbane) Theater designer and illustrator, also designs and makes puppets. Performs with The Escapists.
  • Kassandra Boswell (Sydney) Sculptor; puppet designer and maker
  • Katrina Gaskell (Melbourne) Designer and maker
  • Ken Evans
  • Ken Harper (Melbourne) Punch and Judy
  • Kite Studio (Sydney)
  • Kim Moyes
  • kneeHIGH (1995, Adelaide) Giant puppets, custom made images and visual spectacle. Tony Hannan and Emma O’Neill.
  • Krinkl Theatre (1999, Kyogle, NSW)  Lara Cruikshank and Padi Bolliger @FB
  • Lana Schwarcz Grandpa Sol and Grandma Rose. @MySpace
  • Larissa Deak (Brisbane) Puppeteer; shadow puppets
  • Lemony S (Melbourne)  Sarah Kriegler and Jacob Williams. Puppetry to disarm the audience and go deep to the core of what it is to be human – to attach meaning to symbols and signs, to empathize and to access the innate human ability to “suspend one’s disbelief”.
  • Lenka’s Puppets (Sydney) Lenka Muchova
  • Lismore Lantern Parade (1994, Lismore, NSW) Held annually in June. @FB
  • Mal Heap (Berowra, NSW) Puppeteer. Modigliani the Cat in The Ferals and Creature Features, Ollie (first Australian Sesame Street muppet), Waffle for Christian ministry.  Retrospective
  • Mana Puppets
  • Matthew McCoy (Sydney) Puppetry director and puppeteer. Walking with Dinosaurs Live, Farscape
  • Matt McVeigh (WA) Visual artist, designer – stage productions and community arts programs
  • Men of Steel (Melbourne) Anarchic object theatre and comedy in the kitchen, workplace and now icecream van.  New show is called Mr. Freezy (with Arena Theatre Company). Puppeteers Hamish Fletcher, Tamara Rewse, Stephen Noonan, and sound designer Jared Lewis.
  • Mixed Media Productions
  • Monkey Baa Theatre (1997, Sydney) Started by Tim McGarry, Sandie Eldridge and Eva Di Cesare. Outstanding theatre for young people. @FB
  • Mothers Art (1983, Melbourne) Unique design and construction facility servicing the diverse requirements of zoos, tourism attractions, public art, theatre arts and the architectural industry.
  • Murphy’s Puppets (Sydney) Wide repertoire of comedy, including Allenby’s Famous Flea Circus; educational programs and Commedia dell’Arte puppetry. Dennis Murphy.
  • Murray Raine Puppets (Sydney) Puppet cabaret with spectacular and outrageous marionettes, rod and glove puppets. Murray Raine.
  • My Darling Patricia (2003, Melbourne – Sydney) My Darling Patricia creates arresting, intimate, visual theatre, drawing inspiration from the epic visuals of Robert Wilson and Romeo Castellucci and the animation of Jan Svankmajer. Clare Britton, Bridget Dolan, Katrina Gill, Halcyon Macleod and Sam Routledge.
  • Nati Frinj (Natimuk, Victoria) Puppetry on the wheat silos!
  • Nel Simpson (Fremantle, WA) aerialist, part of Bizircus and Swerve arts
  • Noriko Nishimoto (Japan-Australia; WA)  Distinguished puppetry teacher, puppeteer, director, designer and writer. Associated with Spare Parts until 2002.
  • Norman Hetherington. Creator of Mr Squiggle and friends and upside-down squiggles.
  • Nick Hilligoss (Melbourne) Stop motion animator and director
  • Nigel Triffit Director, designer, writer. ‘Of the many outstanding individual contributors to the development of puppetry and visual theatre in Australia over the past thirty years, none stands out more than Nigel Triffit’ – Peter J. Wilson in The Space Between (see below). Created Momma’s Little Horror Show, Secrets, the Tap Dogs, the Eternity tap section of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and others. Died July 20, 2012.
  • One Van International Puppet Festival (Blackheath, NSW) In 2010 One Van will be on the weekend beginning 1 May.
  • Passion Pictures (Melbourne) Presently working on a short CGI film of Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing
  • Patch Theatre Company (1972, Adelaide) Artistic director Dave Brown. Distinctive and accessible performance for children four to eight years.
  • Peepshow Inc (early 2000’s, Melbourne) Image based theatre that blurs the line between imagination and magic, puppets and possibility. Core group plus collaboration with others. Artistic director Melinda Hetzel. FaceBook fan page.
  • Pelican Puppets (1992, Tasmania) Sean Manners
  • Peter J. Wilson (Melbourne) Master puppeteer, director, writer. Founder and head of the Victorian College of the Arts post-graduate puppetry course which ran from 2004 -2009. Author of The Space Between : The Art of Puppetry and Visual Theatre in Australia.
  • Peter L. Wilson
  • Philip Millar (Melbourne) Puppeteer, puppet maker and designer, head of fabrication at Creature Technology Company.
  • Pocketfool Productions Intimate, exciting, age-specific works for children, celebrating the power of play.
  • Polyglot Puppets (Melbourne) Sue Giles artistic director.
  • Pooka Puppet Company (Adelaide) contemporary theatre based puppetry works, with an emphasis on exploring the boundaries of the medium. Lachlan Haig, Ninian Donald
  • Preston’s Historic Punch and Judy (Adelaide) Keith Preston
  • Pupperoos (Sydney) Kay Yasugi, puppeteer and puppet maker
  • Puppetease Ross Browning. Ross was the puppeteer of Blinky Bill in the 1980’s ABC TV series Blinky Bill.
  • PuppetOOdle  (NSW/ACT) Duo of Marianne Mettes and Jonathan Mettes; puppetry and music for children’s entertainment and education. FB
  • Puppet Palace (2007, Adelaide) Annual event during the Adelaide Fringe. Keith Preston and Lachlan Haig
  • Puppetry Australia
  • Puppets in Melbourne (Melbourne) Naomi Guss.
  • Purple Capsicum Puppets (2008, Melbourne) Puppet shows and workshops for children of all ages; festivals and events. An offshoot of The indirect Object.
  • Rachael Wenona Guy (Melbourne) Puppeteer, maker, visual artist, singer, writer, theatre maker. Blog
  • Raymond Crowe Self-described unusualist, hand shadow puppetry
  • Reckless Moments (Shanghai) Barry Plews and Hu He. International multi-artform collaborations and coproductions. In 2009-10 collaborating with Terrapin Puppet Theatre on digital puppetry for When the Pictures Came.
  • Richard Bradshaw (NSW) Master shadow puppeteer.
  • Richard Jeziorny (Melbourne) Designer
  • Richard Mueck Sculptor and puppeteer in the film industry
  • Rob Matson (Melbourne?) Puppet maker and designer
  • Rod Hull and Emu Rod Hull developed his emu act in Australia in the 1960’s before returning to his native England. Emu was mute and anarchic, famous for his attack on Michael Parkinson and others.
  • Ron Mueck (London) Hyperrealist sculptor, began as a model maker and puppeteer in TV and film
  • Ross Hill (d. 1991) Master  puppeteer and maker. Worked widely in Australia then at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in the 1980s, including on The Labyrinth. There is a Ross Hill puppet collection in Mildura.
  • Rubbery Figures Australian political satire from 1984-1990, created for TV by cartoonist and sculptor Peter Nicholson. Highlight videos. Australia’s version of Splitting Image.
  • Sanctum Theatre (Melbourne) Visual performance company. Lachlan Plain @FB
  • Sandpiper Productions. (WA) Sandy McKendrick.
  • School Performance Tours
  • Sean Kenan Hand shadow puppets
  • Shan Jayaweera puppeteer
  • Skite Vikingr AUSTRALIA Tamara Rewse
  • Slingsby Theatre Company (Adelaide) Crafting sophisticated, emotionally complex and original theatre productions for audiences aged ten through adulthood. Andy Packer (Artistic Director) and Jodi Glass (Executive Producer) and three key creative collaborators, Finegan Kruckemeyer (playwright), Quincy Grant (composer) and Geoff Cobham (designer). @FB
  • Snuff Puppets (1992, Melbourne) Giant puppet company, creating visceral and accessible theatrical experiences for their audiences. Trademark elements: a blackly dangerous humour, an incisive political satire, shamelessly handmade visual aesthetic; populist, free, joyous conflagration of art, audience and artist. @Flickr, @FB. Andy Freer, Pauline Cady
  • Spare Parts Puppet Theatre (Fremantle, WA) Philip Mitchell artistic director @FB
  • Splitpins Limbs (Melbourne) An offshoot of Stories from the Ground, now its own entity. Shadow puppets. Stephen Mushin, Sarita Ryan, Emily Smith, Anna Nilsson, Raku Pitt and others
  • Sticky Apple Legs (Melbourne)
  • Stories from the Ground Shadow Puppet Collective (Melborne) Stephen Mushin and friends. Micro-theatre shadow puppet troupe, I’ll forget You music video and associated live performances on Shadows and Light Tour 2009 with musician Lior.
  • Stuck Pigs Squealing Theatre (2000, Melbourne) Apocalypse Bear Trilogy
  • Stuffed Puppet (Amsterdam – Australia) master puppeteer Neville Tranter
  • Sue Harris Puppets (Adelaide)
  • Swerve Association
  • Sydney Puppet Theatre (1984, Sydney) Sue Wallace and Steve Coupe. Theatre of delight for family audiences: shadow, hand and rod and marionettes. From 1998 – 2005 they directed the One Van International Puppetry Festival in the Blue Mountains.
  • Terrapin Theatre Company (1981, Hobart, after Tasmanian Puppet and Marionette Theatre which was founded in 1970). Creating contemporary puppet theatre by using digital technologies in the animation of characters and the theatrical space .
  • The Escapists (Brisbane) Performance collective offering a highly stylised and hybridised form of populist entertainment, drawing on an anarchic attitude to bring a startling and adventurous approach to theatre making. Jonathon Oxlade, Matthew Ryan, Lucas Stibbard and Neridah Waters and guests. The Attack of the Attacking Attackers.
  • The Puppeteers(Mabel and Maude) Parody video series. @Facebook
  • Theatre of Image (1988, Sydney) TOI is an advocate for young people and their families. Through the vision of the Artistic Director, Kim Carpenter, Theatre of Image tells Australian and universal stories to our young people as much through visual and musical images as through words.
  • Theatre of the Sun (Railton, Tas) Marie-Martine Ferrari and Fabian Billerwell. Marie-Martine co-founded Skylark Theatre in Canberra in 1984.
  • The Indirect Object (Melbourne) ‘We believe puppetry and object theatre are sophisticated artforms for adult and youth audiences alike. Through collaboration, we develop new work, assist other companies to integrate puppetry or object theatre into their performance projects, fabricate puppets for our work, and on commission, and provide workshops in puppet fabrication and manipulation’.
  • The People’s Republic of Animation (Adelaide) Innovative studio dedicated to creating outstanding animation for all screens and formats. @YouTube @twitter
  • The Space Between : The Art of Puppetry and Visual Theatre in Australia Indispensable book detailing the art of puppetry and visual theatre in Australia over the last half decade, written by Peter J Wilson and Geoffrey Milne. Published by Currency Press.
  • Tipsy Teacup Productions creates mesmerising installation theatre that is like all remembered conversations over a cuppa: insightful, poignant, resonating and special. @FB
  • UNIMA Australia Our fellowship, the Australian branch of the international puppetry organization Union Internationale de la Marionnette
  • Upatree Arts (Qld) Collective producing community celebrations through puppetry, arts events, giant parade and lantern puppetry. @FB
  • Vanessa Ellis (Melbourne) Puppet maker and performer/puppeteer
  • Victorian College of the Arts Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Puppetry This course, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, produced a swag of innovative puppetry practitioners  from 2004 – 2009, when sadly it was closed in the merger of the VCA with Melbourne University.  Save the VCA.
  • Weeping Spoon Productions (Perth, WA) Theatre company formed by a group of young artists who found a common ground in creating exciting, vibrant, and relevant performances. In particular Tim Watts’s The Adventures of  Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer. @FB
  • Wes Champion (NSW) Puppet maker/designer. Specializing in carved wooden puppets.
  • Windmill Performing Arts (Adelaide) @FB
  • Wojciech Pisarek (Adelaide) Puppet theatre director and digital artist. One of the founders of Carouselle Theatre Company, now teaches and researches real time performance with digital puppetry at Flinders Drama Centre.
  • Woodford Folk Festival (Qld) Held at the turn of each year @FB
  • Y Space (Natimuk, Vic) Project based performance art involving rockclimbers, dancers and puppetry to create work in unusual and high places.

7 Responses

  1. Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am a playwright who has just received funding to put on a children’s musical at the Collingwood Housing Estate in 2012 which will include members of the Estate’s community in production and performance.

    The project, Bristleface, follows the great success of a similar event, Mill Boys, which I staged at The Estate in 2011. This time we will be working with the youth of The Estate as well as adults (who were involved in last year’s event’.

    It has been recommended that I get in contact with established puppetry group in Melbourne as we are exploring the use of a puppet as part of the production and are seeking advice and referrals from people about who we might speak to about our idea of having the children on the Estate contribute to the design of a puppet, through a workshop, and then have someone mentored in the manipulation of the puppet as part of the show.

    Please find some background to the production below and letters fo endorsement from community groups attached.

    Kind regards,



    Bristleface is a youth-orientated musical produced by Platypus Theatre and Dramazing, to be performed over a three-week period, between September 21 and October 13 2012, at the Collingwood Housing Estate’s Underground Theatre. This follows the staging of the play ‘Mill Boys’ by the same team, at The Underground Theatre, in 2011.

    Mill Boys drew wide-spread media coverage and acclaim for successfully engaging residents of the Collingwood Housing Estate, some of the most disadvantaged in our community.

    Can you please let me know a contact email where I can forward letters from the residents describing their experience with Mill Boys and their keenness to continue their involvement with the producers. The sense of self-esteem and personal reward the residents describe, as a result of their involvement, is honestly articulated and moving.

    We are keen to hear from you.

    Kind regards,



    Tolpavakoothu Sangam is an organisation dedicated to the performance and propagation of this ancient and esotoric art. The activities of the Sangam include performance of Tolpavakoothu at over one hundred Bhagavathy temples during the Festival (Pooram) season. Besides this we also perform abbreviated versions for lay audiences at various venues. The Sangam also teaches this art to those interested in learning this craft besides providing facilities to do research in this field. Authentic puppets are also available with us for sale.

    Coming from the lineage of the late K L Krishnankutty Pulavar, who received the national award twice in his lifetime, this organisation is at the forefront of practitioners of this art-form. It is run now by K L Krishnankutty Pulavar’s son Sri. K Viswanatha Pulavar with the able assistance of his brother Sri. K Lakshmana Pulavar and son Sri. Vipin Viswanath.

    We have all the necessary equipment necessary to stage a performance at any venue. This includes puppets, screens and a portable stage that is a perfect facsimile of the traditional theatre. We also have a well trained ensemble of performers whose requisite minimum number is eight.

    All in all Tolpavakoothu Sangam is the ideal choice to stage an authentic performance of this 2000 year old craft. We are able and ready to give you performances of traditional duration (10.00pm to 5.00 the next morning) or shorter versions that last one hour or less. The shorter versions do not in any way lose their authentic feel or impact.

    We can be contacted at :


    ‘Tolpavakoothu Sangam,

    Koonathara (P.O), Kavalappara (via)

    Shoranur, Palakkad, Pin: 679523,

    Kerala, India.

    Ph: +91466 2227927.

    Mob: +91 965816900, +91 9847358668.


  3. Larrikin Puppets services the greater Brisbane area, performing puppet shows for all ages (and as Puppet Compère/MC)  – Birthdays, Kids’ Parties, Fetes, Corporate Functions, Wedding Receptions and Special Events.

    Larrikin Puppets owner/operator Brett Hansen has a lifetime of puppetry experience, and was “Puppetry Consultant” (and cast member) in the 2012 Brisbane Arts Theatre production of Tony Award winning Broadway musical, Avenue Q.

    Like us on Facebook:
    Follow us on Twitter: @LarrikinPuppets
    Official Website:

    Blue Card holder: 1161011/11
    ABN: 96884134902

  4. Greetings and salutations! My name is Sol and i’ve been a puppet maker here in Australia since 1996. I specialise in a broad range of hand-crafted marionettes which i tour and exhibit around many of the country’s more exclusive, boutique festivals and events. I began at the Woodford Folk Festival in 96-7 and have since become something of an institution there; this year, as well as running our interactive stall, my partner Sara and I ran a series of four large outdoor shows incorporating puppetry, masque and physical theatre called “Tying the Knot” and actually legally married each other in front of 5000 people at the end of the 3rd show! So 2015 is off to a big and unique start… :)

    I do a lot of customised work on top of our ‘usual’ range of creatures and characters, making approximately 800 marionettes a year, everyone an individual. (I’ve conservatively figured i have made in excess of 12000 puppets since 1996). We also collaborate with other artists around Australia in large theatrical productions as well as teach puppet-making and puppetry to children, teenagers and adults in varying workshops. With my partner Sara, we are now based in Byron Bay with plans to tour our work through Canada and Europe later this year.

    We have 1000’s of stories to share from our experiences but just wanted to touch base with you about who we are, having seen our name “The Squeaking Tribe” mentioned in a previous post. Hope 2015 is off to a fine start for you!

    Best regards

    Sol and Sara

  5. We have been performing and teaching puppetry in Adelaide since 2001. Our company Stargold Puppets specialises in traditional folktales and seasonal stories for children aged 3 to 12 years old. Find us on Facebook or email

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